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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 30, 2012 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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pood evening, i'm jenniier's beenn15 years sincc the orioles last made the, the o's had a chance to clinnh a spot littll help.eason with a help.sportt direetor bruce &pcunninnham joins us now to se if the birds popped the chhmpagne tonight... brucc. those of us who have been aaound a while rrmember exactly how this feell....f yyu haven't,'s the lass day oo septeeber, and the &porioles are still alive, aad post-season..the first time - we've had that feeling in 15 long years... bottom of the 5th...oriooes leading 5-1...chris davis has been a wrecking ball thiss pwek....hammers it to right centee...gone or his 31ss home run of the year...5th in the past 4 games...birds up &pjohnson gets te grounder tt short...that's your ballgame... johnson earns is 50th save... only the 10th player to reach 50 ii baseball history... oriolee sweep thh red sox 6-3 birds have their highest ..he -
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attendance ince 2007...ttat's something buck showalter hopee will continue... much more from the orioles... &pincluding thh latest standing in both the al east and the wild card..ravens cornerrand thurday's hero cary williams talks to me, as ddes mattt's all coming up in our extended sunday nightt edition of spoots unlimited, right after this newscast. 3 a flighttcarrying the bbltimooe orioles had to make an emergency landing in jacksonville florida. our own morgan adsit spoke with officials.. ho say it was a small fire thht started in a
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microwave.. that caused the landing. the plane was en route to ampa bayywhere the orioles are scheduleddto play. &pno injuries have been reported. the plane has been &pcleared to take off again. for the 41 thousand fans who went to today's orioles' regular season finale---many gessler reports, it was the - &pfans who were doing all the . &pappreciating. after this long, fans don't minddwaitinn in line to get in the ballpark.heather cheshiie: p58 ii's been 14 years of losing. the last time they were in the playoffs, i was in 7th grade."heather cheshire and 42 thousand of her friendss paaked the yard early.r.j. kaaiiski: 2.20 "we're trying o's!"man: 5.22 "hottest ticket say, were low for many to 's start the season.luther miiacle, usher: 9.21 "i said, look, i don't give a damn where hey finish, ass ong as thhy don't ffnnsh in the damn pasement!"but, as the oriolee work on a sweep oo the sox, luther miracll, usher: 9.14 "i'll tell ya, it's unbelieeeable."they've more-than-already swept hhir nat)program john: 31.25
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"oriole special here!"the the final on the (national anthem 'o')but, many fans hope to be back later this week.(cheering)r.j. kamimski: 2.34 "that's right. i've been waiting a long time and i'm ready to see it today!" dustii & dave widener, 17:: "we've been waiiing ourrentire lives for this. yep. all our pives."ttenagers hhve never experienced this.til losing. a whole generation."o - the oriolee... re winners. (cheering in game)clint griggs: 32.18 "a lot's happened since then. i was gonna be here now. i was there in '''7. i'm gonna be here in 2012!."father: "she's gonna see the irst time the orioles clinched the playoffs since 1997."while baby norah dreams...(tilt to nora) through it."the orroles dream season continues.after sweeping the sox, thousands of fans stay behind.the out-of-town scoreboard stalled the celebration, but relevance is restored at oriole pprk. man: 5.10 "man, after all these yeaas of waiiing for this, this is perfecc."paul
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gessler, fox45 nees at ten. mooe than two million fans came to see the orioles play this year.thht's the most in fiieeyears, according to the team. police are continuing to investiggte a deaaly shooting that took place in east baltimore. this morning. a 8-year-old bllck male was shot in the head near orth belnord avenue was arruing with two other men who were seen driving a station wagon with tinted windows. anyone police. ormation should call -3 a southwest baltiiore famiiy is stepping up their demands for justice after their loved one was gunned doww a year ago. last septeeber at the corner of lombard ptreee...bruce benn-- an art student wwth no criminal reeord-- was shot in the head. grown....since no one's bben - arrested. "laat year heewasn't the only unsolved homicide, i hope for the better but i don't see changing"hanging""- the family says they''l
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continue to hood out hope thht silence. oon will break theer - shh claimeddto have a winning ticket for the megamillions jackp. then she saidd he &pfood eeployee from baltimore is being sueedby some of her coworkers.melinda roeder eeplains why. it was the lottery leggnd thht poulln't end. just when we thought we'd heard the last f this saga... it seems the cockamaay ssory may now end up in court. court. (from file pkg) "i'm in aalot of shock."that was mirlande wilson back in april...afttr claiming to have purchaaed one of thh winning ticketssin a megamillions jackkot worth more than 650 million dolllrrs she later said she loss then... theendenied ever having it in the first place. scared. i'm so shocked. i don't knoo what's going on." now - some of her former coworkerr at mcdonalds -- who &pwere part oo a llttery pool.. with irrande... want to make
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sure she didn't wii....3:07:00 "well, whether she won or whether she's making it all that's the maryland lottery... 13:04:53 "now this woman has taken vvrious positions... is the maryland lottery." lottery officiall have saidd wilson was nottthe winner... but ather, three people who workkfor the publiccschool system purchased the ticket together.they were known simply as the hrre amigos.but some of wilson'' former ccworkers claim it may have all been parr of a fraudulent scheme... that wilson orchestrated with ehr attorney. and that the thrre claim the tickee on wilsonns behalf.a theory - legal expert steve allen- doubts is rue. &p13:07:56 "it's a very fanciful, very unlikely pnything's possible."but it's understandable some of those coworkers - who got their hopes up - want to make ceetain their not entitled to any cash prizee.and a court case coulddfinally ut closure local lottery egeed... with
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claims....13:04:28 "well the lottery, of ourse,,makes people go crazy. that's the 3 theecoworkerr arr even claiming wilson's attorney waa strict - and thorough steps - - to verify jackpot winners. melindaarooder - foo 45 news at ten. police in montgomery tonight about a sexual predator who, they fear,,could strike again. again. 3&detecttves have linked severa sexual assaults over the past two years to the same man who, they believe,,was ssotted peeping intt an apartment thii week. most of thh attacks and gaithersburg.... and cases are similar. ll the "there's several reasons at this point. first is a similar suspect descriptiin in each ttat each targeted victim is a single female that usually resides alone. and the hird thing is thht each incident &phas occurred during nighh tim" hours." pooice have released
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composites of the suspect ....but say its liiely his appearance has changed. 3 somm cityystudents are key issues on the november ballot. dozens of students met at the yesterday lobbying in support of question four. that's the maryland dream will allow eligible...undocumentee students to pay in-state tuitioo rates at maayland colleggs and universities. "people lose sight of the &pgreater picttre which is kids going to college, kids succceding aa life... these are kidd who actually want to succeed. they want the chance, chance."opponents of ce." &pmaryland's dream act gathered more than 100--housand signatures to put the issue on the noveeber ballot. and according to a baltiiore sun poll, the vote on the 44-percent of maryland voters say they would suppprt the dream act....while 41-percent oppose it.but ttat split is
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the issue of same-sex rrrr.on - marriage..... suppooters appeer to haveea ten point advantage.49-percent said they would vote in favor of same they would vote agaanst it. presidenn barack obama and republican presideetial nooinee mitt romney faccng oof wednesday nighttfor their first debate.ggvernor rrmney's running mate... congressman paul ryan... asked about trailing in the polls on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. wallace.0-21wallace: why aae you and romney losiig at this point? ryan: we're gonna win this race, given hat, we're gonna in this race. wallace: but you're nottat this point, you're losing. ryann look we ccn debate polls. i can tell you this, the presidenn's offering four morr years of tte same, and the preeident has been very ggod at distorting the issue, at disguusing theetruth, he's been very good at diitracting p. people.recent polls show romnee, particularly in key battleground tates like ohio. a gorgeous fall day .. until the rain cameein tonight.
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tonighttchief meteorologist vytas reid has more in his forecast....vvtas. -3 3 coming up.unrest in afghanistan..he numbee of u-s and the growing influence of .- 139-142"i just thinn they're a bit daagerous and also quite loud, but yeah." shooting it caters
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to its higg-end customers. coming up.
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a las vegas shooting range iss calling itself the world's first luxuryygun loungee.. lounge..."machinn gun vegas" is offeriig visitors the chance to shoot some of the most hiih powered weapons n the world.for two-hundred dollars... ccstomees can choose from a range f guns... one of which is similar to
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those used by the uus naay seals who raided bii laden's ccmpound.the gun "lounge" says about tweety-perceet of their customers are from the united kingdom. 114-132"it's qqite a surreal experience, i can see people i mean it's quite aastrange , - thing to do being brought up guns aren't at all commonplace. it's a great experience, going to vegas, going to the esert, good fun, strangee" the company also sells high-end accessories... including louis vuitton handbags with a pouch to accommodate a hhndgun. in afghanistan now....insider attacks causing concern for foreign policy offiiials.peter doocc has that storr tonight... tonight... doocy says: "the two numbers to know toddy are two ttouuand. and 53. because the suspected iisider attack &pin afghanistan saturday brrught the number of yeaa war there to 2000.. and
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the numbee of u-s and insider aatacks this year to 53." and tte former u-s ambassador to the u-n john bolton said today he thinks that these so called green on blue attacks will continue until americans leave fghanistan. so afghan security forces can get a head start pledging their bolton says: "the green on likely to incrrase as the debate for the wittdrawal draws closer the taliban attacks if anything may diminish... why should the taliian take risks when they know we're leaaing it's moor for the afghan national army personnel who want to show defense seeretary leon panetta says the talibbn is trying to undermine our trustt in afghan security ffrces. and the chairmmn of the joint chiefs of staff says that strategy won't work dempsey says: "one afghan army commander told me, insider attacks are an affront to their honor at oods wwth their culture ann thhir faith.
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as for us we're adaptiig to that's what professional militaries doo"doocy says: "the number of deaths from insider attacks has risen dramatically. from 20 two years agg. to 35 last year. and 53 this far. even as both sides re working harddto stoo them. ith americcns beefinggup security on joint missions. and afghans amping up background checks on recruits. n washinggon, peter doocc, fox news." ,3 advice for students and parents getting eady for the maximize yourrchances of getting into the school of your choice... cominn up. &presidents in mount washington take to the streets.the message they were trying to get out, about their &p 3 neighhorhood.
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great day to get outside and enjoy the weather. and people that. they held village businesses in the neighborhood. people goo a chance to experience livv entertainment, shopppng, food, and fun "ii's tough people sorta dontt know we're down here. the only frame of reference is the mount washington tavern without them last year its what i've been here 11 years my neighbors been here 11,12,13 years so every year
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we try to do somethiig like this to get the people aware." today's event will bennfit the mmunt washington school. a fells point ar celebrates recognition.... by helping to fight aadeadly disease... coming up. 3 a ballimore bar and restaurant
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is celeerating a world record today -- and raising money for a good cause."one eyed mike's" has been rrcognized by the makers of "grand marnier." aaparently, the fells point business sells more of the prrnch liquor than any otherr bar in the world.and to share his good fortune, the owner ddcided to celebrate with a fundraiser or "the tyanna foundation" (rhymes with diana)....the baltimore-based charity supports breast cancer treatment, screening and awareness. it was started by sisters who llst their mother to the diseasee of breast cancer... ann it's gr> great."> 3 today's event raised ssveral thousand dollars. and it was a great way to kick off october - wwich is breast cancer awareness month. getting ii college ttese daay, use s-a-t scores and rade- point averages as part of their assessment of potential s. experts say the best way to
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take a rigorouu course load oo tte praccice s-a-t. fee take waivers are even avaiiable to help many students with the high cost of he test and college applicationn. "it's really impootant that when a student wallssin to take the sat that the sudent feel confident by viitue of the fact hat he or she is familiar with the format of the examination and the kinds of questions that are going to be asked" asked"the college board lso providde a free coolege planning website that allows students to leaan about colleges, financial aid and scholarrhips. general motors has issued a recall for 40- thousand cars and s- u- v's because of aa faulty fuel umpp the recall affects these models... the cobalt; 2207 chevrolet equinox...2007 through 2009 pontiac g-5... 2007 pontiac torrent...and 2007 saturn ion.
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g-m says he fuel pumps n cause a potentially dangerous fuel leak. a celebration, for a church in faalston today. the saint mark roman catholic ccurch is celebrating its 125-th the astor and archbishop rode in on a po what was donn 125 years ago. the church llo commemorated with a ass and a dedication of a new bell towee anddwalkkay. the members saa the churcc has experiince a lot of change over the years. &p3&pafter more than 10 years.. theeorioles are back in post season lay.much more on that commng up in minutes with adsit in sports unlimited. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments,
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and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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pnc bank. ukrrine stagiig what may be the largesttexercise ccass in world.18-22music laying playing 14-thousand ukrainians turning out in kiev for a mass work- out... one of kraines silvee- winning olympic ssimming meddlists organized the event... ssying he anted and give ukrainians a sense of accievement.the class may make it into the guinness book of world records.the previous -&r eveet was eight-thousand people in mexico. 3 3 that's all for tte news at ten...i'm jennifer gilbert... bruce cunninggam and morgan adsit tell us áif we knowá if the orioles are playoff bound in sportssunlimited...bruce and morgan... coming up tonight on sports unlimited...the orioles ddd &pwhat they needed to do...but thooe angels preventtd an on- field celebration... celebration... but they had one last chance
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birds are headed to the pllyoff. playoffs... 3 jim johnson puts himself in elite company...why his save today was historic... would've been one of thh great mmments in orioles history... how torii hunterrruiied the party... party...and redskins-bucs comes down to a last second cundiff could be the hero for thh skins...sports unlimited starts after this... 3
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